Hooniverse Weekend Edition: The Monthly Golden, Colorado Car Show

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Hooniverse Weekend Edition: The Monthly Golden, Colorado Car Show

So this olelongrooffan is still in the Mile High City and Saturday while out and about, I happened upon this early 70’s Buick GNX GSX heading west on Highway 58. I squeezed off that on ramp in between it in front and a pair of Camaros behind me, one new and one around a 68 RS. I had a sneaking suspicion something exciting was happening somewhere around and decided to tag along and see what could be seen.
My fellow Hoons are also invited to tag along after the jump.

Well Hoons, I followed that Buick Muscle Car through downtown Golden, Colorado to a mack daddy of a car show. I had an awareness one was going on but I certainly did not expect the magnitude and variety that was to be seen there. And a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains is always a plus!

This weekend while my Denver hosts are at a wedding in Vermont, this olelongrooffan is sporting Big J’s X5, yeah I know but at least it is a 5 speed.  Anyway, I whipped it into Golden’s version of Bellair Plaza and, as the lot was filled with show cars, I whipped around back where there is always a parking spot for this olelongrooffan and this day was no exception. After refreshing my cold beverage, I headed around front to see the sights.

And on the way, I spotted my favorite kind of traffic jam. I’m guessing the combined age of these two beauties is around 84 years old. Yeah, I’m already loving this place and I just got parked.

Once around front, I was treated to the extreme variety that was this show. While early 70 Chevelles are nearly a dime a dozen, every time I see one of those red beauties, this olelongrooffan cannot help but think of Barbara Bach and Cannonball Run. Yeah Hoons, I’m a corny olelongrooffan.

This 59 retractable was quite a sight to see. I have seen several of these over the years and IIRC even blogged about one here in the Hooniverse. (remembered only because I was corrected as to the number of motors and gears required to operate all those on board systems….looking at you tonyola…and correct as always).

This one appeared to be in original condition and was well preserved by its Lakewood, Colorado owners. They even have a placard on the front seat commenting on how 50 year old technology was now making a comeback in today’s retractable hardtops.

Around the corner I spotted a sweet old Poncho convertible. Not entirely sure of its year of origin but I’m pretty sure early 50’s won’t get me in to much trouble.

And a driver’s side mounted spotlight just for shits and grins.

It did possess this cool lucite hood ornament but I had no way of knowing if it was of the style that lit up when the headlights were turned on. I have yet to see one of those operational in person but know that this olelongrooffan will, someday.

That Poncho was sandwiched between a pair of customized Jeepsters.

They were nicely done up if you are into that type of customization. The blue one above was a two wheel drive while the orange one above was lifted to almost rock-star status. Well as this olelongrooffan has mentioned many times previously, Stock Rocks so

this boulevard queen was much more to my liking. Wire wheels and all.

This one was spotted while my skinny ass was sitting on the sidewalk watching all these classics cruise up and down. This post is about the parked queens while another will be based on the parade cruisers…once I get the pre war gallery of Clive’s museum up…man this working bullshit is really getting in the way of my blogging time!

Anyway, since that FC 170 eluded this olelongrooffan the other day, I had to lust after yet another entirely unattainable pick-em-up truck.

I was informed by a younger dude checking out this beauty that it was a ’30 Model A as he has a ’29 and the dash was redesigned in ’30.  He did mention his was in original condition and currently un(in)operable and sitting in a barn on his farm. I mentioned to him to keep it dry and he said “Yeah, and I’m never restoring it, just want to keep it in the family and get it running again soon.” Good Luck dude and I hope to see it around in future years.

Immediately in front of that old truck was this Bonneville Salt Flats racer. Those orange decals in the windshield are participant tags for running on the Salt Flats. The one on the driver’s side is from 1999.

This license plate frame was on the rear of it. As I was passing by I overheard the owner talking to a dude in a H.A.M.B. t-shirt and I struck up a conversation with them about Salt Flats racing. As we were talking, I mentioned why I was in Denver from the greater Daytona Beach area and he encouraged me to head on up to the Salt Flats for the action. I concurred that it would be a blast but the 10 hour drive each way along with overpriced hotel accommodations and the fact my project here in Denver is finally starting to pick up speed precludes that from happening. One day though. And to earn my keep here in the Hooniverse, I did mention that I would be posting this blog and those two dudes said they would check it out. And with that said, to those dudes, “Thanks for bringing that vintage race car out for me to see and share.”

After I took my leave of those dudes, I stuck my head in another Model A truck and spotted this cool old license plate behind the seat of it. And I’m pretty sure that is a transistor tube bearing device in front of it but this olelongrooffan doesn’t have a memory of seeing it as anything special. But then again, this ain’t Atomic Toasters.

Just to demonstrate to my fellow Hoons the variety at this massive show, immediately adjacent to those vintage vehicles was a booth promoting this vehicle wrap

as well as the lowering and bagging techniques seen here. Somehow, I just don’t see this primered truck drawing big bucks at the Barrett~Jackson of its day in 2050. But then again, I’m an old man now and I would suspect my now 18 year old nephew might feel a little differently at that auction.

Now, how about some cool old Chevy’s, pretty sure they are of the 61 (okay, I thought they were 60’s or 61’s but as always, this olelongrooffan is corrected..I am told they are 60’s) model year. There was a convertible, an El Camino, and a four door hardtop. Sadly, no longroof though.

The Elky and the ragtop had been restomoded but the hardtop sedan appeared to be bone ass stock with a three on the tree as a means of shifting motivation.

And this Westie Eurovan was parked in the prime viewing spot of the parade, right on the corner at the round about and the couple owning it were seated on the other side of it in cushy beach chairs and enjoying an icy cold beverage. Nice ride if I do say so myself.

And sitting just a sunshade tent and a T-bucket away was this blown Chevy II. It gathered lots of attention while I was around and while it fits a desire for someone, it’s just not one of mine.

Now this sweet old Corvair certainly does it for me though. This one is definitely original and I could jump in this and Hoon it around all day long.

And this olelongrooffan certainly likes me some 928 (944?) of the Porsche variety. Except for the repair costs but these things can be bought cheap as hell it seems these days. And that red with black vinyl top thing resting next door? While it is an every day run of the mill Nova, I saw no fewer than three Pontiac Ventura twins at this show.

And it seems this customization of a Cadillac Seville has been mentioned recently here in the Hooniverse and I thought I would include this one just for fun.

All that is missing on this shorty is the front fender mounted spare tires and it would be complete.

I spotted it over in the Cadillac parking lot along with a 59 Superior Professional Car that my fellow Hoons will see a little later this week.

I never knew that Cosmo owned a Caddy dealership back in the day!

It seems to me this is ole hat. I mean afterall, a version of this has been at LeMons hasn’t it?

I was talking to the owner of this yellow sedan delivery and he commented on just how bastardized it is. 49 body, 42 Mercury front clip, and resting on a late model S-10 chassis. I must say this about that, it looked pretty decent even though it was in a somewhat cobbled together fashion. Oh yeah, that 53 Desoto grille he mentioned is actually off a 51. tonyola, trust me on that one.

Finally, after finishing walking around that plaza and across the street for a couple hours, as I was heading back for refreshments, I spotted this 73 Javelin. I was talking with the owner and questioning whether it really was a 73, (I guessed a 72) and he mentioned it was. The subject of 5 mph bumpers came up and he commented that he had removed the rubber baby buggy bumpers from the front and rear.

He also mentioned that he had gotten out of vintage cars for some time however, when selling a travel trailer the prospective buyer asked if he would be interested in a partial trade including this AMC product. He relented and is now back among his fellow Hoons.
Because, after all, this license plate says it best.

A flickr link to all of the 150 plus images I captured will be provided in a future post as it is only 50% uploaded as I write this and this olelongrooffan will be damned if I post another blog after the Pacific Coast Last Call deadline.
Update: Back from picking up my Denver hosts from DIA and the flickr post has uploaded. It can be found here.
Til the next time.

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  1. yellofury August 7, 2011 at 6:59 pm - Reply

    OMG I CAME!!!
    I think I just had an eyegasm I need a moment to collect myself

  2. Smells_Homeless August 7, 2011 at 7:01 pm - Reply

    Great post, as usual. One thing though, GNXes come from the 80s, while GSXes come from the 70s.

  3. Joe Dunlap August 7, 2011 at 8:39 pm - Reply

    Wow, great post longroof! Btw, the Chevy's in pic #22 are 60s, but you're forgiven as long as you keep coming up with stuff like this! đŸ™‚

  4. OA5599 August 7, 2011 at 10:13 pm - Reply

    "every time I see one of those red beauties, this olelongrooffan cannot help but think of Barbara Bach and Cannonball Run."
    Wrong "Barb". Mrs. Ringo Star wasn't in that movie. You're thinking of Adrienne Barboobie.
    <img src="http://www.ridelust.com/wp-content/uploads/Cannonboobs.jpg"&gt;

    • longrooffan August 8, 2011 at 7:05 am - Reply

      yep..that's her

    • Alff August 8, 2011 at 7:24 am - Reply

      "A picture is worth a thousand words"

  5. muthalovin August 8, 2011 at 8:02 am - Reply

    This looks like a rad car show. That Javelin is my personal favorite.

  6. mdharrell August 8, 2011 at 4:37 pm - Reply

    "…I was corrected as to the number of motors and gears required to operate all those on board systems….looking at you tonyola…and correct as always…."
    Not to knock tonyola, but if you're referring to the Encyclopedia Hoonatica article from 2 Sept 2010, I believe you'll find that, ahem, someone else made that particular correction. Someone who owns a '59 Skyliner, hint, hint.
    Looks like an interesting mix at the show, though. Nice!

    • longrooffan August 10, 2011 at 5:24 pm - Reply

      My mistake…between the two of you, I'm always getting corrected. Congrats on a fantastic memory…

      • mdharrell August 11, 2011 at 9:11 am - Reply

        No worries. Your articles are a far more significant contribution than my sniping at errors anyway.
        Mind you, I won't let that stop me.

  7. Van Sarockin August 9, 2011 at 8:31 pm - Reply

    Furlough from the Atlantic Seaboard: Extended.
    Keep up the good work! And take a peak to the west over those hills…

  8. Rich February 19, 2014 at 4:28 pm - Reply

    The bagged primered truck belongs to my daughter, the fellow who owned the Bonneville Salt license rear. She did the body work and her husband did the bagging. Now here's two different cultures ! The thing infront of the orignal 56 CAL license is battery operated radio, works.

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